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Ways To Assess A Casino Prize Wheel

Hosting a casino night in your home can be a fun and unique get-together that can be more relaxing for you and your friends than visiting an actual casino. It can also be more affordable, too, because you can play for make-believe money instead of real money if you wish. To give your casino night an authentic feel, you'll want to rent a few pieces of casino equipment from a local party rental company. In addition to gaming tables and slot machines, another device that you can rent is a prize wheel. These colorful devices are available at most casino party rental companies, and you can use them in all sorts of ways. Here are some ways to assess a prize wheel before you rent it. 

Floor Vs. Table

You can expect to see casino prize wheels that sit on a small stand that you place on a table, and other prize wheels that have a tall stand that allows them to sit on the floor. It's useful to think about where you wish to display this device in your home once it's set up for your casino night. You might like the idea of having the prize wheel stand on the floor, rather than on a table because this can help to keep excess furniture out of the area and thus ensure that the space doesn't feel cluttered.

Wheel Diameter

Casino prize wheels are often available in a few different sizes. When you browse a party rental service's website, be sure to check the diameter of each of the available wheels. A larger-diameter wheel takes up more space, but it has some advantages. Namely, it's easy for people to see from a distance. If you're hosting your casino night in a large room, having a large-diameter wheel that is easy to see from a considerable distance will work well.

Number Of Spaces

Another way to assess the casino prize wheels is to confirm how many spaces they have. This can vary between wheels. When you think about how you'll use the wheel, you might want a specific number of spaces. For example, if you plan to write the names of each of your guests in the spaces and then spin the wheel so that you can hand out some prizes, you'll want to ensure that you choose a wheel that has enough room.

Visit the website of a local casino party rental service to learn more.